First post

The quintessential first post. It’s 2:34 am and here I am, going blog-hopping and desperately thinking of an interesting (and auspicious) beginning to my dormant blog of 3 years.

Blogs are snapshots of memories, much like photographs (only more detailed). I have always wanted to blog but never started because 1. I never got the time for it (3 years and no time for a simple blog post? What was I doing? Launching rockets to Mars?) 2. I wanted to write good posts and I was afraid to start and fail. 

So what changed now? A conversation with mom about how we give authority to the society to judge us and control our behavior. I realized that I should not let others take the harness to my  life. Why am I afraid to try? Because I am scared of failure. Why am I scared of failure? Because of the mockery that might ensue. I might fall and fail, but I will learn from my mistakes and pick myself up. And so I start this blog, and invite you for a random stroll through a 20-something girl’s life.

Here’s to more failures, learnings, blog posts, better ideas and a whole lot of sunshine! 😊


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